Can the Samsung Galaxy S8 replace your gamer PC?

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Samsung has pushed an update for the DeX system. It now includes the Game Launcher and is compatible with many games in the Play Store. A feature that Microsoft has “forgotten” to include in Continuum.

Android has clearly become a platform of choice for gamers. Many titles. All genres represented, from role-playing to puzzle, to adventure, sport or pure action game. All types of players are concerned, whether it is hardcore gamers or casual gamers. Some games are even part of the ESWC (electronic sports) championships, like Clash Royale. There are compatible accessories, including joysticks. And the prices are much more interesting than on console where the prices are 60 or 70 euros, if not more for editions with the “season pass”.

Soon a PC game in the Galaxy S8?

Some brands have understood that Android (and by extension Android TV) could replace a Windows PC or a game console. This is the case of nVidia with the Shield. But adding another box to a television is not always possible. Between the ADSL Box, the Home Cinema, the Blu-Ray player and possibly a multimedia hard drive, the place is rare under the flat screen. Hence a good idea: and if your smartphone became your new gaming PC? Says like that, it can make you laugh (and the answer is obviously not, for now). And yet, Samsung has taken a big step towards this goal.

Last week, Samsung pushed an update of its system DeX, its alternative to Microsoft Continuum, information reported by our colleagues of SamMobile. As a reminder, it is an ecosystem with which it is possible to display on a PC screen or a television the contents of its smartphone. The screen appears as if it were a computer desk and the set is compatible with wireless accessories such as keyboards, mice and controllers.

Compatble Game Launcher

The big change to this update is the inclusion of Game Launcher, a Samsung application designed to optimize smartphone performance when a game or greedy application is launched. Unfortunately, the function is not active yet. In this update is also a complete list of games “supported by DeX”. This implies that these games are able to operate in horizontal screen, with keyboard, mouse or joystick. And here is that Samsung tackles a consumer market able to spend 1000 euros for a powerful PC. Nice customers!

And the Korean takes advantage of it to walk on the borders of all those who have made video games a leitmotiv commercial: Microsoft with Windows, Sony with PlayStation (and Remote Play Xperia high-end), HTC Virtual reality), Apple (who always claims that the iPod Touch and the iPhone are the best portable consoles), and so on. The message launched with regard to Microsoft is twofold: high-end smartphones are gaming platforms and the Lumia should have been part of it. Because DeX has a function that Microsoft should have included from the beginning in Continuum: an extended compatibility with the universal gaming applications of Windows 10. Still a small disappointment on the part of the firm of Redmond.

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