Galaxy S8 – sales are 15% higher than the Galaxy S7 according to the Samsung CEO

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The Galaxy S8 and its big brother, the S8 +, have been sold on the market since April, and have sold like hotcakes around the world. Since then, the sales of these two high-end models are simply colossal and so are the happiness of their paternal, Samsung. The opportunity for the South Korean to make a first big balance of the situation and thus establish a comparison with the sales volumes of the Galaxy S7.

Every year, it’s pretty much the same scenario for Samsung. The South Korean bridge genuine bombs and is witnessing a few weeks / months later of a cardboard planetary scale. The proof with its Galaxy S7 elapsed to more than 55 million copies.

The year 2017 seems obviously not to derogate from the rule, the month of April having been marked by the arrival of the beautiful and powerful Galaxy S8 and S8 + on the market. These two jewels, armed with a sublime Infinity Display screen, were clearly sold by whole pallets and managed without difficulty to anticipate their predecessors in terms of volume of sales.

Galaxy S8: the smartphone sells better than the Galaxy S7

And it is clearly not DJ Koh, the man at the head of the mobile division of the group and who recently pronounced as to the imminent release date of the Galaxy Note 8, which can say the opposite.

The latter took advantage of a recent press conference held live from Taiwan, to address the case of Galaxy S8 and S8 + sales. Not surprisingly, the CEO of Samsung has only praised the merits of these two high-end terminals, whose sales are 15% higher than those of the Galaxy S7 at this time of year.

However, no specific figures were given, but DJ Koh later stated that the firm expects sales to increase in the next two quarters of 2017. It is very likely that these aircraft will 50 or 60 million units by the end of the year thanks to the holidays and the possible reductions that will be applied to them by the manufacturer. What a thing to say ultimately: bravo Samsung!

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