Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy Note 8: These are the six major differences

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With the leaked Galaxy Note 8 specifications and pictures of the ultimate design of the device, it’s time to compare them to the smaller brother. Although the Galaxy S8 already has quite a bit in its march, it seems to be expanded in Note 8. Literally and figuratively.

Dual camera setup

One of the biggest differences between the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy Note 8 is the presence of dual camera setup at the latter. Although, according to many rumors, it would appear on the S8, Samsung unfortunately had other plans. What system will use the two lenses is unknown. But Samsung seems to tend to the RGB and monochrome sensor duo.

More working memory

Although RAM capacity does not say everything in itself, it is a very important part of the performance that a device eventually delivers. Where the Galaxy S8 in most countries has “but” 4GB of RAM, the Note 8 would be equipped with no less than 6GB. By the way, 6GB of RAM finally also becomes a bit more normal with us. Chinese smartphone makers have been resting their devices for a long time with higher RAM capabilities.

Even higher screen-to-body ratio

With the Galaxy S8 devices, Samsung’s Infinity display was also introduced for the first time. This almost endless continuous screen has a screen-to-body ratio of an impressive 83% at the S8. At Note 8, Samsung would even stretch this for an even higher screen-to-body ratio.

Larger display

Aside from the fact that the screen-to-body ratio is getting even higher, the Note 8 also has a larger area of ​​display to play your games. The upcoming phablet comes with a Super AMOLED screen of 6.3 inches with Quad HD resolution. Galaxy S8 users have to do it with 5.8 inches. Even the Galaxy S8 + is smaller by 6.2 inches.

Galaxy Note 8 gets S pen

Of course, Note 8 also comes with the famous S pen. This one belongs to the Galaxy Note line and it would be weird if suddenly it would not be anymore. However, according to the messages, the Note 8 of the Note 8 would receive some significant upgrades regarding both hardware and software.

Larger but also more expensive

The downside of all these upgrades is that the price will also be a bit higher. And where the Galaxy S8 already had a decent price tag, it is still astronomical at the Galaxy Note 8. According to recent information, it will be in the store for a price of about $ 1000. This is also about the estimate of the upcoming iPhone 8, which makes this the most expensive iPhone ever.

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