Samsung Galaxy S8 Lite: a benchmark reveals its identity and its Snapdragon 840

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Would Samsung be working on a new variant of the Galaxy S8? This is the question everyone is asking after the appearance of a model called “Samsung SM-9600” on a benchmark site. It would be a priori question of a relatively powerful model since it would be equipped with a Snapdragon 840 processor. Could it be the Galaxy S8 Lite?

The end of the year looks particularly busy for Samsung. It is even there that everything is played for the South Korean giant who, in addition to having to manage the future launch of the Galaxy Note 8, has to deal with other big projects in parallel.

There is precisely a site on which he is a priori devoting much of his time. Apparently, Samsung would plan on a variant of its excellent Galaxy S8, the latter having appeared on the canvas just a few hours ago.

Galaxy S8 Lite: the smartphone makes its appearance on a benchmark site

It is on a benchmark site that the famous smartphone would have been seen through a code name dubbed “Samsung SM-G9600”. It is impossible for the moment to determine precisely the identity of the phone but everything leads to believe that it could be the Galaxy S8 Lite. Even if of course the track of the Galaxy S8 Mini is not ruled out but this remains unlikely given that it is not in preparation according to recent statements held by a Samsung employee.

Even though very little information is known at this precise moment about this Samsung SM-G9600, it can be seen through the image below that the motherboard of the terminal is coded in sdm840. This means, by implication, that it could carry a powerful processor of the Spnapdragon 840, SoC type equipped with 4 cores, each clocked at 1.77 GHz.

Is it the Galaxy S8 Lite or a completely separate model, whose existence is still totally unknown? No one knows but one thing is certain is that Samsung is preparing something and we are very anxious to know precisely whether it will be a variant of the succulent Galaxy S8 or not.

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